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Whether 2017 was a year that you are happy to have left behind, or one that you wish had never ended, I think it’s fair to say that for most of us, it was a memorable one.

You traveled very well, as was evident in Best Solo Travel Memories of 2017.

We launched the Solo Travel Awards to recognize companies that serve solo travelers well and to encourage more companies to tailor products and services to the burgeoning solo travel market. You can read about the winners and why the judges chose them here.

We ended the year with our “Guess the Destination” Giveaway, sending Solo Traveler reader Connie from Wyoming on an 8-day tour of the Amalfi Coast courtesy of Exodus Travels.

And all year long, day in and day out, I enjoyed interacting with the more than 225,000 members of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook. If you’re not already a member, come join us! Solo travelers around the world ask questions, offer advice and encouragement to one another, and I post articles and items of interest three times a day.

A lot of new content was created on Solo Traveler this year. We published four days a week: three posts by us, one by readers. (If you would like to contribute a post about a destination you loved, you can submit your story and photos here.) I took a look at the statistics, first for 2017, then for the years of 2010-2017 combined, to compile top ten lists of our most-read articles, as decided by you. Here they are.


Top 10 Solo Travel Posts of 2017

  1. Affordable New York City: 32+ Free and Low-Cost Tips

From our 32 Tips series, here is our best advice for free and low-cost ways to enjoy New York City on a budget.

  1. VPN for Travel: What, Why and an Easy Setup Guide

A VPN is a simple app that’s added to your computer, phone, or tablet to increase security. Here is a clear explanation of why solo travelers need it and a step-by-step guide to setting it up.

  1. Bare Minimum Packing – Travel Gear!

Travel gear can be fun, but it can also weigh you down. Here are travel gear recommendations from your fellow solo travelers.

  1. Affordable London Update! 32+ Free and Low-Cost Tips

Another post from our 32 Tips series, this one offers 32 budget London tips with free and low-cost things to do and places to eat and stay.

  1. Best Solo Road Trips for 2017: Solo Traveler Tested

Here is a selection of recommended solo road trips, all Solo Traveler-tested.

  1. Solo Travel Destination: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a great option for solo travelers, offering a wealth of art, culture, history, and beauty. Here are three stories from three separate travelers.

  1. Solo Travel Safety: 10 Ways to Look Confident

Confidence is a traveler’s armor. But, what if you’re not naturally so? Here’s how to look confident for solo travel safety.

  1. Affordable Paris: 32+ Free and Low-Cost Tips

32 free and low-cost tips that will help you save money in Paris while seeing the highlights and enjoying the local scene.

  1. How to Sail Through an Airport by Yourself: Tips for the Holidays

Top tips to help you get through security fast during the busy holiday travel season.

  1. My Big Solo Travel Safety Mistake

We share lots of great travel stories with you. It’s also important to share our mistakes. Please don’t make this one.

photo, image, woman, hawaii, best solo travel memories

STS member Marissa enjoyed traveling solo in Hawaii in 2017

The Most Popular Solo Travel Posts of All Time (2017)

  1. Start Planning Your Solo Adventure Now!

Solo Traveler is a massive resource of destination information, how-to tips, money advice, and safety suggestions. We’ve helped over 4 million travelers get on their way. To help you navigate the site, we’ve created a guide to our most popular posts and sections

  1. Solo Travel Deals

This page is updated every month with new travel deals with no or very low single supplements. You can also have it delivered directly to your inbox by signing up here.

  1. A Road Trip Alone: Top Ten Tips to Prepare

Taking a long road trip is fun but doing so alone requires a bit of planning. Here are the tips you need to know.

  1. Bare Minimum Packing

Packing lists are the key to packing light. Most people have trouble with this but it’s an important skill for the solo traveler. Here’s how to do it.

  1. 35+ Solo Travel Destinations for Christmas and New Year’s

This is updated every year with input from readers, as well as some great deals from travel companies.

  1. Solo Travel Destinations

This page is updated bi-weekly with contributions from solo travelers around the world. Trip reports are organized by country for ease of navigation.

  1. Best Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers

This post has now been updated for 2018, but if you scroll down past this year’s recommendations, you will find the 2017 list.

  1. Solo Travel to India: 32 Tips You Need to Know

Let us help you to make the adventure of solo travel to India a little bit easier with this great set of tips.

  1. Jet Lag – Worst Case Ever

It can happen to anyone, even travelers who regularly fly across multiple time zones without any trouble. This post describes what jet lag is and offers tips and remedies for preventing and dealing with it.

  1. How to Travel Alone Without Being Lonely: 10 Tips & 12 Posts

Here’s some great advice on how to travel alone without being lonely, including how to meet people as you go whether it’s for a coffee, dinner, or more.

photo, image, steering wheel, solo travel safety mistake

My embarrassing “do as I say, not as I do” story of my big solo travel safety mistake.

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Top 10 Solo Travel Posts of 2016

  1. The Hardest Part of Traveling Solo
  2. Destinations for Solo Travelers on a Budget: 2016 Shortlist (we’re updating this post for 2017)
  3. How to Save Money for Travel
  4. Travel Alone and Love it: 50 tips (Revised and Updated)
  5. Of Gobbins and Giants: Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route
  6. Checked Baggage: Top Planning and Packing Tips
  7. Solo Travel Destination: Washington, DC
  8. 12 Ways to Make Money as You Travel: long and short-term
  9. 10 Things I Love to Do When I Travel Solo
  10. VPN for Travel: What, Why and an Easy Setup Guide
top solo travel

Bare Minimum Packing. One carry-on and a day pack or large purse is all you really need.

The Most Popular Solo Travel Posts of All Time (2016)

  1. Travel Alone Where & How
  2. Bare Minimum Packing
  3. Solo Travel Deals
  4. Affordable New York City: 32 Free and Low-Cost Tips
  5. Solo Travel Europe: 32+ Tips You Need To Know
  6. Affordable London! 32 free and low-cost tips
  7. How to Travel Alone Without Being Lonely: 10 tips & 5 posts
  8. A Road Trip Alone: be prepared with these 10 tips.
  9. Cheap Solo Travel – 21 posts to help you travel solo for less.
  10. Women Traveling Alone Part I – 10 tips
  11. 9 Tips for Those Who Struggle to Keep a Travel Journal

Last updated: 15th January, 2018

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