Great Gift Ideas from Solo Travelers Like You!


We asked you… what are the best travel-related gifts you have given or received? What’s on your wish list?

And you let us know.

So this year’s Travel Gift Guide not only includes the products that Tracey and I love and some great trip ideas from our sponsors but also the travel gifts that you’ve enjoyed giving, loved receiving or have on your wishlist.

I don’t believe in being weighed down by a lot of stuff. But we all travel differently. What’s a “must-have” for a backpacker is different from that of an urban traveler which is different again from a… well, you get the idea. What I do believe in is investing in travel experiences and the things that make travel more enjoyable.

It’s the holiday season. December is a month of gift giving. This is the time that we update our Travel Gift Guide to inspire you with new gift ideas for the travelers in your life and help you create a list and ask for what you really want. And, it may be time to give a gift to yourself as well.  Let’s get on with the gift ideas.


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