Announcing the Solo Travel Awards!


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the second annual Solo Travel Awards.

Last year we honored five companies as winners. This year, we’re expanding the number of categories and adding the World Nomads Solo Travelers Choice Award. The latter award will be open for voting from May 16 to September 15 to give you a chance to vote for your preferred travel company. 

The purpose of the Awards is twofold:

  • to recognize companies that serve solo travelers well
  • to encourage more companies to tailor products and services to the burgeoning solo travel market.

Nominations Are Now Open for the Solo Travel Awards

Standard criteria has been developed for each category, putting all entrants on an equal playing field. From the submissions, a short list of those that best meet the criteria will be created and presented to an esteemed panel of judges. All things being equal, the awards will be given on purely objective measures. However, should there be significant variances for the better or worse in terms of issues such as responsible tourism or consumer treatment, the judges may take these into consideration in their determination of the final winner.

We look forward to receiving nominations from companies in the following categories. 

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